Self Directed IRAs & Investing in Precious Metals

Save for your golden years with a gold IRA! This self directed investment vehicle allows you to take charge of your financial future.

The first step is educating yourself about this exciting investment opportunity. This free gold IRA investment guide:

  • Teaches you about the little known IRA investment options you should be taking advantage of as you build your retirement portfolio.
  • Explains why precious metal IRAs are one of the most powerful tools for diversifying your accounts.

Shows you how to convert a traditional IRA, 401(k), or other retirement savings account into a gold based IRA with minimal IRS fees

Precious Metal IRAs For Protecting Your Assets

When it comes to saving for your retirement, you want stable, strong investments you can trust in. Traditional IRAs and 401(k)s rely on paper assets, like cash, stocks, and mutual funds. It doesn’t take an economist or investment expert to observe the volatile state of the American economy and the US dollar. Both our stock market and our currency have experienced wild fluctuations in the last decade, which has made investing in paper assets more of a gamble than a plan.

A precious metals IRA account is a bulwark against this instability. Physical assets like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum have been considered valuable for centuries. Ultimately, a dollar is a piece of paper, but a gold coin is scarce, useful, and attractive—it has tangible worth of its own. Furthermore, given their lasting benefits, precious metal investments tend to become more valuable as the stock market plunges, making them an ideal diversification option.

To create a precious metals IRA account, you’ll need a trusted IRA custodian to assist you. This expert adviser will purchase IRA approved precious metals in your name and store them according to strict standards set by the IRS. A team of seasoned financial professionals like the team at Advantage Gold can help you navigate the process of setting up a precious metals IRA account and selecting appropriate IRA approved precious metals.

Smart Investing With Self Directed IRA

As their name suggests, self directed IRAs put you in control of your IRA investments. Rather than turning over your assets to a busy broker who occasionally checks on them and uses the same cookie cutter stock strategies for hundreds of clients, a self managed IRA allows you to rule your retirement account.

With a self directed IRA, you have the freedom to decide which investments are worthwhile, join forces with fellow investors, enjoy tax benefits, and diversify your assets. Closely collaborating with your IRA custodian, you can select from a wide range of investment options for your self managed IRA. In addition to enjoying the many advantages of precious metals, you have a bounty of IRA investment options, including traditional paper assets, real estate, promissory notes, energy investments, and others.

If you want to reap the rewards of a self directed IRA, you can simply set one up with an IRA custodian. You can also transform an existing traditional, Roth, or SIMPLE (Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees) IRA into a self managed IRA, so long as you have a self directed IRA custodian, or SDIRA custodian. This expert trustee will assist you in the setup or rollover process so you can have more authority over your assets. According to IRS regulations, SDIRA custodians must perform the actual precious metals transitions and be responsible for storing these physical assets, with you at the helm of your account.

Starting a Gold IRA

With the right resources and SDIRA custodians, it’s easy to set up and maintain a gold IRA. Precious metal IRA investments can help diversify your account, safeguard your assets against the seesaw of the stock market, and offer enduring profitability. A trustworthy SDIRA custodian can help you open a self directed IRA account, select eligible investments, purchase them in your name, and store them according to IRS standards.

Find the best custodian to start your precious metals IRA with! Advantage Gold offers a free guide that provides all the basic you need to begin this exciting journey toward building your retirement. Their esteemed team can help you start a gold IRA. Furthermore, Regal Assets offers a free get set up kit to help you open a precious metal IRA.

Investing in Gold

Although a self directed IRA can include a variety of precious metals, gold is one of the most popular IRA investment options. When you partner with a SDIRA custodian, he or she will provide gold investment advice. This reliable trustee will assist you in the process of gold trading, helping you select and purchase your gold investment assets. The IRS sets strict standards for which gold bars, bullions, and coins can be part of an IRA. Only certain mints of coins and bullions are permitted, such as American Eagle Gold Coins, Proof American Eagle Coins, and American Buffalo Bullion Gold Coins. Gold bars in IRAs must be of at least 0.995 purity, like Credit Suisse bars.

Once you secure an SDIRA custodian, this trusted financial professional can help you source coins, bullions, and bars. Reputable gold trading companies include Oregon-based Monarch Precious Metals, Dallas precious metals wholesaler Dillon Gage, and Iowa-based dealer, Royal Metals Group, LLC. Whichever custodian and supplier you work with in your quest, make sure to seek out and adhere to qualified gold investment advice.

Investing in Silver

While gold is an undeniably popular IRA investment when it comes to self directed precious metal IRAs, silver is also an excellent choice. As with gold, silver must meet specific standards as designated by the IRS to be eligible for an IRA. When you buy silver stock alongside your IRA custodian, it comes in the form of bullions, coins, or bars. The IRS has given its stamp of approval to specific mints of silver coins, such as American Eagle Silver Coins, Proof American Silver Coins, and Austrian Vienna Philharmonic Coins. When purchasing silver bars and bullions, these must be of at least 0.999 purity. If you need to buy silver stock, you can do so with your IRA custodian from Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange. When purchasing silver bars, you can also find precious metals of proper purity from United States Money Reserve, Inc.